Sunday, February 9, 2014


Brockport needed a win this weekend to really strengthen their playoff bid. But, that didn't work out as Brockport dropped both games of the home-and-home series with rival Geneseo.

So, what are Brockport's playoff chances now?

Not good.

Cortland is sitting in the coveted sixth spot in conference standings, with 8 points.

Brockport is on the outside looking in with 7 points.

Potsdam is just behind them with 6.

In order to secure a playoff spot, Brockport MUST win 3 of their last 4 games.

Those opponents are Cortland, Oswego, Fredonia, and Buffalo State.

Oswego is the one they are most likely to lose to. The perennial powerhouse is 15-4-2.

Brockport can -- and MUST -- beat Cortland. If they do not do so this coming Friday, consider it to be crisis, as Cortland will then be 3 points ahead and a win against Oswego on Saturday looks unlikely. 

As for Fredonia and Buffalo State, to Brockport's benefit, both are home affairs. In December, Brockport tied Fredonia 3-3 while getting absolutely crushed by Buff State 6-1.

A super-motivated Brockport will likely beat Fredonia, so, the season will likely hinge on how the Golden Eagles perform on Senior Night against the Bengals.

What if Brockport goes 2-2 to close out the season?

They will need a lot of help.

If Brockport goes 2-2, they have to hope Cortland goes 1-3, which is not out of the question. Cortland has the toughest close of the three teams, facing Brockport - Geneseo - Plattsburgh and hungry Potsdam.

It's the last team out of those that Brockport should be most concerned with. Potsdam could overtake both Brockport and Cortland with 2 games against basement-dweller Morrisville then a closing weekend against Oswego and Cortland. 

So, there's a lot going on in the last 2 weekends of the regular season. The top 5 playoff slots are locked up. But, there are 3 teams controlling their own destiny to get into the sixth and final slot.

Can Brockport do it?

It seems feasible --- and, dammit, that's what I'm hoping for. 

The guys just have to play hard and aggressively while eliminating all mistakes. ONE mistake can throw out one game, which in turn dooms the whole season.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, hoping my beloved Golden Eagles make their first trip to the playoffs in 4 years.