Thursday, November 7, 2013


I received word from Dale Budziszewski (the voice behind the video coverage of Brockport hockey) that this year Brockport has stepped up the video broadcast product by using a new service by Stretch Internet. Video and audio quality has increased quite a bit and the best part is that it's still free and doesn't require a log-in. Fans can either use the following link or just go through the school website and click through the schedule:

Along with the video and audio, live stats can be displayed on the same window as well.

There are a few conflicts with the basketball broadcast schedule but even if Dale can't do play-by-play, there should be at least video of the game no matter what (as long as the equipment is working). The first three home games will have full coverage (video and pxp) -- the 15th against Elmira and then the following weekend with Cortland on Friday and Oswego on the 23rd.