Friday, February 17, 2012


This week's SUNYAC column at USCHO is a detailed report on who gets into the playoffs based on a variety of win-lose scenarios this weekend. The article starts as...

This is it. The last weekend of the regular season. No more, “We’ll get ‘em next week.” No more, “We need some points next weekend.” No more, “We’ll learn from these lessons and apply them next week.”

For next week is the playoffs. This is your last chance to either get in them, host a game, or take a breather.

Let’s set the stage for what can happen when this weekend is over. Hopefully, your head won’t explode like mine did.

Before we begin, here are the tiebreaker rules as stated in the 2011-12 SUNYAC Handbook under the Ice Hockey Team Operating Codes and Tournament Information section.

1. The best record of tied teams against each other based on Conference play (tournament play will not be considered).
2. Number of total Conference wins over ties if points are equal.
3. Goal differential against each other in Conference play.
4. Goal differential against all other Conference teams.
5. Coin flip by Commissioner.

Read Jaslow's full report at: