Sunday, December 4, 2011


Random thoughts from last night…

· I loved the ceremonial puck drop by 12-year-old cancer patient Phillip Massey. It definitely shows everyone in attendance the human side the Saves For a Cure fundraising efforts. It’s youngsters like Phillip who benefit from the campus and Brockport communities’ donations. You saw the joy in his face, now imagine a hundred kids being so happy from what Saves For a Cure does for them

· The must-win game put Brockport into seventh place in the conference, tied with Cortland with 5 points. Brockport is well-positioned to make the playoffs because it’s a free-for-all after Plattsburgh and Oswego. Brockport has become a high-flying, high scoring team and is only 2 points out of the last playoff spot and only 3 out of the fourth and fifth spots. All of those teams are beatable and Brockport’s home-ice-heavy second semester should pay huge dividends

· When Brockport plays Morrisville next, they need to remember what allowed them to net 7 goals…they took advantage of goaltender Colin Breen’s over-commitment to playing down low. He didn’t just give the Golden Eagles the top third of the net, he gave them the top half. Breen is excellent when he goes low, but he goes low too often and puts himself into splits and other positions that he can’t recover from when the rebound shots are taken

· Todd Hosmer is certainly Morrisville’s best player. I don’t know how Potsdam ever let him get away. Hosmer had only one bad shift and was excellent on special teams, too. He had 2 goals and could have had another if Nick Panepinto hadn’t blocked a perfect pass to Hosmer on a 2nd period Morrisville power play

· Bobby Conner was taken out of the game at 8:54 left in the second after getting boarded by Morrisville’s Taylor Vince. I hope Bobby’s lower-body injury mends for next semester (if not the next game)

· Ian Finnerty and James Cody are having some seriously monstrous senior seasons. Ian already has 20 points. That’s a good number for a full season, but we’re only 11 games into this one. He could exceed 40 points when it’s all said and done. James reached double digits in goals last night and he could double that output as well come Senior night. Ian is 9th in the nation in points per game (1.82) while James is 26th (1.55). James ranks 7th in goals per game (.91) while Ian is 6th in assists per game (1.36). It's fun watching them perform their magic.

· After that deluge of goals last night, Brockport ranks 18th in the nation in scoring at 3.91 goals per game. That’s awesome. Realize that if you take the Buffalo State game out of the equation (only 1 goal scored), Brockport would average more than 4 goals per game. Wow!