Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One of the best stories of personal triumph in DIII hockey is Ray Tremblay's career.

After having fractured two bones in his spine during the Christmas holiday a few years back, he was given 2 choices. One was surgery that would certainly end his career. The other was a combination of a back brace, months of immobility and many more months of rehab (which would in itself end most hockey careers). Ray chose hockey, dealt with the pain and busted his butt to get back to good health.

Since then he has performed at a high level. This season will mark his second as the Golden Eagles' assistant captain. Last season was a great one...a versatile forward who plays a great defensive game, he's also a play-maker as made evident by his 19 assists (a team high) and 25 points (second best on the team).

This season he's looking to take it up another notch. He has had an outstanding summer of training. He trains with Crash Conditioning, arguably one of the best hockey specific training program in the world. They have facilities in Calgary, Alberta and Kelowna B.C, and train some of the elite players in the world like Norris Trophy winner Duncan Keith, Washington Capitals' Mike Green, Edmonton's Jordan Eberle, and Carolina's Zach Boychuk to name a few.

Ray works with the Kelowna Pro Group, with players like Cody Franson from the Nashville Predators, Ty Wishart and Scott Jackson from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Ray was featured in a video that was shot at Crash Conditioning Kelowna.

Here is the link:

To find out more about Crash Conditioning check out their site