Tuesday, August 10, 2010


One of Brockport's offseason pick-ups was Steve Sachman, who played for the New York Bobcats of the AJHL the past two seasons. The 5'11", 185-pounder was a two-time AJHL All-Star. In 126 games for the Bobcats, including two National Championship appearances, Stephen scored 63 goals and 53 assists for a total of 116 points, the most for any Bobcat during that period. Most impressive among his stats was his 15 game-winning goals over those two seasons...amazing!

I recently interviewed Steve for BrockportHockey.com...

Tell us about your hockey history...

I started playing hockey at 5 - just roller hockey - and I got into ice hockey around 8 years old, I guess. I played travel hockey for Suffolk PAL until U16 when I went to play for the Long Island Royals. After one year in U16 I played a year of Junior "B" for the Royals and won a national championship with them. It was the Royals first year hosting a junior team since 1991. Since then I've played two seasons of Junior "A" for the New York Bobcats.

You put up some really impressive numbers with the Bobcats (63 goals over the past two seasons). How would you describe your style of play and what are your greatest strengths?

Well, since I was young I always loved to score goals and big goals, so thats what I've been told is my biggest strength. Although I didn't kill penalties much with the Bobcats I always excelled with them up until then.

The Bobcats were awesome last year, an unbelievable 37-3-2. What did you learn from that success and how do you think it will work at Brockport and in NCAA DIII?

For some reason throughout my youth and junior career I've always been on winning team, so I would say that I know how to win and that I'll do whatever it takes to win. I'm hoping to bring the success I've had in the past to Brockport and win big.

Athletically and academically, what attracted you to Brockport?

When we came up to visit Brockport and hung out with the team I noticed how close the team was and I really like that. Also, I loved the fact that they had a nice rink to play in and got a lot of people at their games.

Academically, I've been told by many teachers in high school how good of a school Brockport was and I liked that the student body was a little bit larger than that of my high school.

What will you be studying in the classroom?

I haven't decided yet on what I'm going to study at Brockport. I'm choosing between business administration, accounting, or being a math teacher.

Who is your all-time favorite NHL player?

I would have to say my all time favorite NHLer would have to be Joe Sakic.