Friday, February 12, 2010


Editor's Note: The signs came down this morning as Otto and his roommates were forced to bring them down by Brockport administration citing the sign as not being in good taste.

That's really unfortunate. Otto and friends showed more school spirit in that once sign than most students show in their entire collegiate lives.

Brockport hockey has become incredibly popular in recent years for two reasons: One, the coaches have assembled a winning group of high-character players who play great hockey and two, the guys behind these signs have made the Eagles Nest at Tuttle North a happening place that really brings in fans both new and old.

To make that happen, they have introduced chants and noise to the games and promotions all over campus. This sign is one of those promotional pieces that motivates students to go to the games and keeps Tuttle North packed. It's team spirit! And, I'll go so far to say there's absolutely nothing classless about it. Otto and friends should be comended for doing things like this and not chided for it.