Wednesday, December 9, 2009


From the pages of this week's Brockport Stylus...

Sheridan playing for more than the win
Amanda Seef

Todd Sheridan defends the Golden Eagle's ice hockey net from the opponent, not only as a goalie, but also as a cancer survivor. Saves for a Cure, the charity that he began after he went into remission, was officially named a state charity by the Board of Health last week.

During radiation, Sheridan was sitting in the waiting room of a Pennsylvania hospital where a little girl and her father sat. Originally, he assumed the balding father was the patient; the 8-year-old, his support network.

But as the names of patients were called, the small child stood and walked toward the door. With her back to Sheridan, he could see where her treatments caused a small balding spot on the back of her head.

Over the next few months, while they both received treatment, Sheridan bonded with the little girl, who gave him the "Fear Nothing" wristband he still wears today. Without knowing it, this 8-year-old girl inspired Saves for a Cure.

Though the charity has been in the works for three years, it has not been able to donate any of the funds to a hospital or organization.

Sheridan is hoping to donate hospital equipment or furniture to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester."A big part of beating cancer is keeping your spirits up," he said.

He hopes the donations from Saves for a Cure will be able to better the hospital environment for children going through treatment for cancer. He says the more comfortable and inviting the environment is, the higher the kids' spirits.

"It's tough for kids to have the mentality that 'the tumor is doing way worse than me,'" he said. "Kids will understand that there are people outside of their family that care."

The ice hockey team will host the second annual Saves for a Cure weekend in February. Last year's weekend raised more than $1,000 for the charity, auctioning off special jerseys of each player on the team.

"I wasn't supposed to be here, let alone play hockey," he said in a February interview with The Stylus. "With determination and support, you lift spirits and you can overcome obstacles."