Monday, November 30, 2009


If you know Brockport hockey, you know about Todd Sheridan’s dream to make Saves For a Cure into a charity that will have a positive impact on Rochester area children who have been diagnosed with cancer. The organization will collect from donors $1 for every save that Brockport goaltenders make over the course of a season. All the proceeds will then go towards making the lives of the cancer patients and their families a little more comfortable at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

It’s something he’s been fighting for since the idea came to him years ago. Since originally filing a certificate of incorporation in March of 2008 he faced a variety of bureaucratic obstacles in state government that prevented him from going ahead with Saves For a Cure. You can read about these frustrating roadblocks in an April 2009 column I wrote for the local papers at:

Things became so bad that even Governor Paterson’s office was stymied by the special interests in state government.

But, finally, there’s good news to report. VERY good news. Todd was notified today that Saves For a Cure was officially granted its corporate status in New York State and the non-profit can now go about its business of making the world a better place!

This is a huge moment in Todd's life and an even bigger moment for what will be hundreds, maybe thousands, of children in the area who struggle with cancer. Todd's efforts will give them a ray of hope among some of the darkest days of their very young lives.

For more information about Saves For a Cure and how you can help out, visit