Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Just as the Brockport website's homepage profiles current students it also looks at recent graduates. Among them is Chris Brown who graduated from Brockport in 2008. He played in 96 games for the Golden Eagles as a defenseman and had a stellar senior year with 16 points.

Here's what the College reports on Chris...

Christopher Brown
The Team Player
BS in Biology, ’08

“The College at Brockport provided the most unforgettable four years of my life.”

Living the “best of both worlds,” Christopher Brown is able to study and travel on a scenic island. He is currently studying at St. George’s University Medical School in Grenada, West Indies. Passionate about the excitement and fast pace of the medical field, Christopher is constantly learning new techniques and treatments to better serve his patients. His valuable experience at Brockport has allowed him to excel in medical school.

“I was extremely fortunate to have taken classes with the many extraordinary professors at The College at Brockport. The professors taught me the qualities that a student needs to thrive in medical school,” said Christopher, of Toronto, Canada, who majored in biology with a minor in chemistry as a student at Brockport.

Outside of the classroom Christopher volunteered in the Emergency Department at Lakeside Memorial Hospital and presented laboratory research at various scientific conferences, including DDW in Washington, DC, and San Diego, CA; NCUR in San Francisco, CA; Ocean City, MD; and RASC in Rochester, NY.

Christopher also completed biological research with Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Adam Rich. “Dr. Rich not only took the time to help me with my applications to medical school, but became a guide and a mentor in my everyday life. I can only hope that everyone can meet someone who will influence them as much as he inspired me.”

Christopher was faced with an important decision at the age of 15 when he was offered an opportunity to play for the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds hockey team in the Ontario Hockey League. Had he joined the team, he would have been ineligible to play collegiate hockey and therefore delay or forego his education. Christopher instead decided to pursue an education to keep his dream of becoming a doctor alive, and became a member of the Brockport Golden Eagles varsity hockey team. He never regretted his decision. “By being a member of the hockey team, I not only made very good friends, I met 20 guys who I can confidently treat as brothers for the rest of my life.”

Christopher’s four years at Brockport has definitely changed his life. “The College at Brockport opened many doors to opportunities that I might not have had the opportunity to experience. The friendships I made and the people I met from many different backgrounds have all had a profound impact upon my life and will continue to do so.”

When asked to describe himself, Christopher says he is “competitive and driven to succeed, but still very much a team player.” Christopher’s goal of becoming a medical doctor, possibly in the surgical field, is well within his reach. As a member of a medical team, he will each day have the opportunity to be a positive force in the lives of his patients. But he also has another dream—to be a member of a team in the National Hockey League.

Whether he’s saving lives in the world of medicine or gliding across the ice to score a goal, Christopher is determined to thrive.

Visit the page at: https://www.brockport.edu/profiles/cbrown.html