Friday, February 13, 2009


In this week's SUNYAC column for USCHO, Russell Jaslow notes that Brockport must be careful in the final two weekends of play...

Even Brockport, still in third place and having a wonderful season, could just as easily see themselves out of the playoffs if they are not careful—especially since they play two of the teams still looking to get into the playoffs the last weekend of the season on the road against Fredonia and Buffalo State.

All Brockport has to do is take a look at Geneseo. The Ice Knights were tied for second not too long ago. They are now on the edge of the cliff, currently in a playoff spot, but with just a one point margin, thanks to losing their last four conference games.

Although Oswego has not clinched second place, barring a complete collapse, with their magic number at three points, they should be safe. Same with Plattsburgh in first.

So that leaves Brockport (14 points), Cortland (12), Potsdam (12), Geneseo (11), Buffalo State (10), and Fredonia (8) all fighting for the remaining four playoff spots and two home berths in the play-in round. And there are six games between these teams in the last two weekends.

You can read his entire column, in which he also writes about Todd Sheridan, online at:,16623