Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A 1996 graduate of SUNY College at Brockport, I've just completed my fifteenth season of following the college's hockey team. A big a fan as they come, for the past two years I've provided game recaps, scouting reports, news stories and more on a Facebook group for Brockport hockey fans. Being that many fans (especially parents and alumni) don't have a Facebook account, I thought I'd bring all of this to the Internet at large so anyone can follow the team. So, from here on out, this blog will serve as THE clearinghouse for anything and everything Brockport hockey. Add this site to your "favorites" sure to check back regularly...and even daily during the season.

A sports fan who's grown disinterested in pro sports because of its many excesses, I've always had an appreciation for NCAA Division III sports and its "academics first and athletics second" mindset. Without scholarships or the trappings of pro sports (or Division I sports for that matter) the athletes really DO play for the love of the game. That being said, there's never a bad game at the DIII level because it's always a meaningful experience to the athlete and his they students, alumni, or parents. I'd rather watch a Brockport game than a professional game any day. Hopefully, you feel the same way following our Golden Eagles.