Sunday, November 8, 2015


As Coach Brian Dickson reaches a milestone win, it's a good time to sit back and appreciate the man.

This is my 23rd season watching the team. Dickinson has been at the helm for 19 of them. For all of that time, he's been a model of consistency behind the bench and in the locker room, always urging his teams to play hard and live with high character on the ice, in the classroom and in the community.

That has certainly paid off in recent years as the team has averaged more than 10 wins over the past 7 seasons and the Golden Eagles have developed into one of the teams to fear in SUNYAC, year in, year out, which accounts for the ability to recruit topnotch talent and put fans in the stands. 

While the team has succeeded on the ice, it has done the same off of it. The hockey team has supported more than its fair share of causes, holding more fundraisers than any other team on campus (from this weekend's #PrayForJay game to Saves For a Cure weekends as examples). The players volunteer countless hours in the community and they are routinely very strong academic performers.

To make all of that happen, it takes a great coach to realize the potential of these young men and see their role in the world. He's been a father figure to them. He's brought some back from some dark places. He's cheered and mentored them to great things.

It's easy for me to me to be a fan of the organization and promote it as much as I do when I know a person with Brian's qualities is leading it. It's really good to see Brian win 150 at Brockport.

Brockport as a team, a campus, and a community have all been winning with him as a coach and leader for almost 2 decades.

Here's to 150 more wins!