Monday, February 25, 2013


One of Brockport's newest recruits Jake Taylor was featured in the Durham Region press this weekend.

The young man has faced some serious adversity this past season...

He's spent more time on crutches than he has on skates, but somehow, Jake Taylor has been able to fulfill a childhood dream.

Not only was the Port Perry resident bitten by the injury bug this season, it broke him. Twice. Both ankles some four months apart.

According to the article, this had him second-guessing his future...

Heading into the season, Taylor didn't have a commitment from an NCAA school. Sitting at home on the couch nursing a broken ankle, and then doing the same for the other one just a few months later, wasn't helping.

"That definitely crossed my mind," he says. "Especially after the second time. I was pretty upset about it. The first one I thought was bad luck, but the second one really took a toll on me. I thought if a team wants me, I've been in the league for five years, they had their chance.

But, enter Coach Dickinson and friends...

Brockport had shown a lot of interest last season, stayed in touch through the injuries this season, and showed a sense of loyalty that impressed Taylor. When he went on a visit to the campus this season, he decided to sign on.

"When I went down I really liked it. I liked the area and the coaching staff.

"I liked that the head coach (Brian Dickinson) came down last year and watched me play, not just a scout who may not have a say when I get there. I feel like I'm going to a school that wants me there and has high expectations for me."

You can read the article in its entirety here:

Some folks might see this as gamble or a bad move by Coach.

Is it?

Look at two "reclamation projects" that he had in recent years:

Ray Tremblay had a bad back injury that would have ended most careers. Ray became an assistant captain for the Golden Eagles and was instrumental in getting the team into the playoffs 2 years running.

Then, there was Todd Sheridan. Everyone else passed on the goaltender because of fears that he was damaged goods after battling cancer. Todd, of course, when on to become a record-setting goalie and he had one of the most storied collegiate careers of any Brockport hockey player.

Let's hope Jake turns out to be another success story like those gentlemen. He might just do that --- Dickinson certainly has an eye for the talent and character to make that work.