Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Not to date myself, but I’ve been around campus for a long time, since the fall of 1993. Over that time, I’ve seen students come and go in a variety of sports. I must say that this batch of hockey seniors is certainly the most universally beloved of all the classes ever, not only in hockey but also in the sports that were always more “mainstream” on campus – like football and basketball.

This group has endeared themselves to the student body, campus community and the Brockport village residents with 4 years of successful and exciting hockey that made the sport mainstream both on campus and in town…finally! They’ve catapulted ice hockey to the most beloved team around.

For my first 15 years as a fan, the games were lightly attended and the team not-so-followed by Brockporters. But these men – with the help of other alumni of the playoff era (like Dave McNab and Todd Sheridan to name a couple) – made things happen on the ice that introduced scores of students and what seems like just as many local families to the joys of college hockey.

You can see the appreciation amongst the fans in Twitter posts, Facebook posts and newspaper articles that have come since the close of the season. Many of the fans are contemplative of these seniors’ careers and are truly saddened by their impending graduation. They value the memories – of great games, great plays and great community outreach – that these men have provided.

It’s a special group. Count me as among the many who are sad to see them go, but glad we got to see them in action for 4 years.

Thank you, gentlemen!