Sunday, October 31, 2010


For those who could not make it to the games this weekend, here are some more observations...

Brockport sported new jerseys this weekend. Gone are the home jerseys of the previous two seasons that showed the "mean eagle" emblem on the breast plate (the same logo shown in the left toolbar of this website).

They've been replaced with jerseys that can best be called interesting. The sweaters are green-and-gold striped below the sternum and the breast plate is an old-fashioned and elaborate letter B (as shown in this photo courtesy of James Cody).

The back of the uniform features large numbers in white and -- for the first time that I can recollect in all the years I've been watching Brockport hockey -- the player's last name. That's definitely a nice touch as a majority of opponents over the years have identified their players by name. It's good to give the men individual recognition.

The turnout at Saturday's game was listed at 650 though it looked more like 775 to me. The bleachers were not filled as they were late last year and the year prior, but the season's young and we still have to get the freshman class indoctrinated to the hockey mystique. I expect 1,000 (+) turnouts later this season and definitely at the Geneseo game.

One thing that may have tempered student interest was news of the "shrunken" arena. The SERC construction did have a huge impact on comfort at Tuttle North. In the picture below from Otto Isenberg you'll notice that the top rows of the west bleachers were chained off and made inaccessible (although you will notice some rule breakers). On top of that, no one was allowed to stand above the west bleachers or stand in the observation deck in the southwest corner of the arena. It made the west side look like somewhat empty in spots.

But, that didn't stop the Eagles Nest Crazies from being at full strength. I was pondering their decorum today and wished that more sports fans at all levels of athletics would learn from them. They maintained incredible energy all game long (even in last night's blowout) and proudly supported and cheered on the team. Not once did they get down on them and they made it a point to cheer them till the end. That's what sportsmanship and team pride are all about.

The hockey team should be proud to have fans -- and friends -- like them.