Monday, September 27, 2010


The capacity at Tuttle North Ice Arena is listed at 1,800. In the past two seasons that number has been reached a handful of times. The arena was also at 80% capacity on 8 other occasions.

Tuttle North will be at capacity this upcoming season, but, unfortunately not for the case of there being more fans: The Golden Eagles are losing over 400 from their total capacity. It will be down to accommodate construction of the Special Events and Recreation Center. Because of SERC, the west doors are no longer accessible as exits.

I asked Coach Dickinson, who is also the ice arena manager, about the impact of SERC. He said:

"This situation creates a safety hazard in case of emergency. The capacity is based off of distance to nearest exit. Because of the nearest exit now being the double door on the north wall (directly behind the visitors goal), it is necessary to block off approximately the top 5 rows of the west side bleachers. I've been told it will be like this for 2 seasons. Not ideal but necessary for compliance. Once the SERC is built, all will return to normal...the end result will be awesome with the addition of such an important new building on campus."

So, fans should make it a point to arrive early this year. I would not be surprised if at a big game -- like Geneseo or a playoff -- fans will have to get turned away.