Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The hockey team will join the ranks of Geneseo with their own pep band this year. The band formed this semester and will be performing at various sporting events throughout the year. Here's an update about the band from the pages of this week's Stylus....

Brockport pep band screaming for spirit

By Tim Fenster

Brockport sophomore Jessica Lahue said she remembers a Brockport ice hockey game last year when Golden Eagles fans had to be extra loud, because the opposing team brought their pep band.

Now, fans of the opposing teams at ice hockey, football, and men's and women's basketball games will have to be louder, because Brockport has its own pep band.

The Brockport Screaming Eagles pep band formed at the beginning of this semester, and Adam Standish, coordinator of scholarships and special projects, said he hopes the band will be ready to play at a home football game within the next two weeks.

Standish advises the student-group.

"My job is to give them guidance, but I really want them to develop a program where [the students] are in control," Standish said.

Standish said their original goal for the pep band was to get about 30 members. The band now has 75 active members.

The pep band has no conductor, but is now choosing several students to lead and possibly conduct the band, Standish said.

So far, the band has had three practices, which are held every Sunday night in the Union. Standish said the students have exceeded his expectations.

"It's been a pleasure … I didn't know what they'd sound like and they just blew me away," Standish said.

Most of the band's members have years of musical experience from playing instruments in grade school. Lahue said she began playing the clarinet when she was 10 years old. Brockport senior Caroline Boron said she's been playing the clarinet since third grade.

"I played in pep band in high school and when we played at our home football games it would get the crowd going and people would really enjoy it and get more into the game and bring more team spirit," Boron said. "Music kind of brings people together like that."

While those interested in the pep band don't need a lifetime of musical experience to join, most will need their own instrument, since the college will only purchase percussion instruments, Standish said.

For uniforms, the Screaming Eagles will wear gold T-shirts. Standish said band members are now designing the T-shirts. One band member created six different T-shirt designs and the design that gets the most votes will be used.

One of the T-shirts has a slogan that says "Brockport pep band, if it was any easier it would be called football," Boron said.

"I don't know if the football players will like it so much, but they should just be excited that we're there trying to pump the crowd up," Boron said.

The Screaming Eagles are currently learning songs, which include the "Star Spangled Banner," the Jaws theme, the Brockport fight song and a more upbeat version of Brockport's alma mater, among many other "sports songs," Standish said. In addition, Boron said the band is trying to rewrite and learn some current popular songs, such as "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs are providing funding for the pep band's percussion instruments, T-shirts and lyres, which are small music stands that clip to instruments.

Standish also said he volunteered because of his experience with music - he plays several instruments and has played percussion for about 15 years.

"Because of my love for music, I thought it'd be great to move forward with this idea," Standish said. "I wish when I was a student at Brockport the college had a pep band."

Vice president for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Katy Wilson began the push for a new pep band because many visiting school's sports teams brought their bands, Standish said. The idea for a pep band began in February 2010 and the proposal has picked up steam ever since.

Currently, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs is coordinating with the athletic department to figure out when the Screaming Eagles can play without disrupting the coaches or players, Standish said.

Although the group is now only preparing to play in the stands, Standish said he hopes that one day the band is able to branch away from the stands and do things like marching in the Homecoming Parade or playing a show at halftime.

"We really want to build school spirit with this program, especially at our sporting events … so that everybody has a great time," Standish said. "With a little music on the side, hopefully it will help build that school spirit at the college."

The pep band practices every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in the Union Lounge. Those interested in joining should contact Adam Standish at