Friday, September 18, 2009


I saw this interesting news story on today. Let's hope that this legal stupidity doesn't make its way to the States....

Quebec hockey player convicted of assault for cross-check

A Quebec junior hockey player who cross-checked an opponent in the face last fall has been found guilty of assault with a weapon.

Youth court Judge Jacques A. Nadeau handed down the verdict in Montreal on Friday, saying the court did not believe the player's actions were accidental. Nadeau also said it's clear the law extends to hockey arenas and that players need to understand this.

The accused, who was 17 at the time, was facing one count of assault causing bodily harm and a second charge of assault with a weapon.

The defence argued the accused was merely following hockey's unwritten code of engagement, and that the stick attack in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League game was accidental. Nadeau ordered a stay on the bodily harm charge.

A publication ban prevents the names of the accused and the victim from being made public. Sentencing arguments will be heard later on Friday.