Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The Brockport College homepage at has a slideshow on its title bar that each time you visit the site it cycles through a photo of a student and a quote from that student. This allows visitors to the site to put a face with the college, giving Brockport a more human feel.

Among those selected for these profiles was Golden Eagles goaltender Todd Sheridan. If you click on the "more info" tab next to his mugshot on the title bar you are led to a page that discusses Todd as a student and person. Here's what it says...

Todd Sheridan

The Defender

BS in Business Administration and Economics, ’11

“The College at Brockport gave me the opportunity to obtain my life back.”

At 20 years old, Todd Sheridan was diagnosed with Stage 3 1/2 Squamous cell carcinoma cancer. The cancer started in his tongue and then spread to his neck. Doctors told him he had a small chance of survival, let alone playing hockey. Several surgeries and chemotherapy sessions later, Todd is proving others wrong by gliding across the ice once again.

Todd, of Edison, NJ, is a major in business administration. Two years ago he established his own charity called “Saves For A Cure.” Every time a College at Brockport ice hockey team goalie saves a goal, companies donate $1 to the charity. The funds go directly toward the Children’s Cancer Center at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY. The donations are used specifically to purchase amenities such as DVD players or televisions to be installed in the waiting and chemotherapy rooms. By having these amenities, it makes the overall experience of cancer easier for children. “One day in the hospital, I watched a man with a bald spot on his head playing with his daughter in the waiting room. I automatically assumed the father was the one with cancer until I saw the little girl walk into the chemotherapy room. I knew then that I wanted to make a difference.”

Todd had been presented Division I offers to play ice hockey at the collegiate level, but once he was diagnosed with cancer, most schools didn’t think he could play hockey for their college teams. “Brockport was the only school that thought I could make a comeback after my illness. With the help of Michael Militello, a certified athletic trainer, I was able to recover and get back on the ice.”

After returning to the ice, Todd’s first team win was an unforgettable moment for him. Since that win, he has had an incredible goaltending career, with 1,273 saves and a .901 save percentage. He also was a member of the SUNYAC All-Conference squad. The entire ice hockey team with head coach Brian Dickinson and assistant coaches Mark Digby and Ken Soble have been fully supportive of Todd’s charity. During the 2009 season, the team held a jersey auction that raised nearly $3,000 for Todd’s foundation. Todd and team member Tim Crowley witnessed their jerseys being sold for $250 each! Todd is thankful for his teammates—on and off the ice. “They will never know how much this team has truly meant to me.”

Todd also has another passion—writing—which was recognized by Associate Professor of English Gregory Garvey. “Dr. Garvey thinks I’m an excellent writer and he gave me the inspiration to continue with my work.”

Todd hopes one day to finish his written piece, creating a pamphlet to be distributed at children’s cancer centers to provide guidance for the day-to-day experience children with cancer face.

His future goals include attending graduate school to obtain his masters in business administration and having “Saves For A Cure” continue to grow as a foundation. Todd lives his life through his favorite quote. “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off of your goals.” He considers his cancer as an obstacle that he didn’t just survive, but ultimately beat. For the rest of his life, Todd will continue to be both the defender of goals and a defender of children with cancer.