Monday, December 8, 2008


The Golden Eagles not only had a stellar, entertaining first semester, but they also had something that's been hard to come by: fan support.

In my 16 years of watching this team I believe the biggest crowd I saw prior to this season was about 850.

Nowadays, that's a small crowd!

Brockport now averages 1,100 fans at the home games. That's just a few behind reigning DIII champ St. Norbert (1,196) and Elmira and its pro facility (1,246). The only teams to have cracked the 2,000 barrier are Oswego (2,531) where there's nothing else to do in lake effect snow storms and Utica who boasts an amazing 3,245/game.

A comparable school - Buffalo State - gets only 379 fans per game.

This newfound turnout finally gives Brockport a true home-ice advantage and is very much appreciated by the players and coaches.

Keep turning out....if you're one of the hundreds of new fans, now you know why I love these games so much...they're always exciting!