Sunday, December 7, 2008


MVP: Todd Sheridan. I’ve said before, the successes of a good hockey team ride on the shoulders of their goaltender and there are very few goalies in the nation playing better than Todd is. As a matter of fact, he’s the best player in the SUNYAC right now. Brockport fans should appreciate what they’re seeing this season and next…don’t take him for granted. He makes spectacular saves seem almost routine. If his groin stays healthy this might go down as the greatest season ever by a Brockport hockey player.

Most Important Forward: Dave McNab. Don’t let the numbers fool you. Despite not having only 2 assists, he’s the engine that drives the team. His leadership is great – both vocally and by example – and a necessity on such a young team. He’s constantly looking to make something happen and his physical approach rubs off on the rest of the team. He shares the team lead in goals thanks to his heavy slapshot.

Most Important Defenseman: Mike Gershon. There’s a reason why Mike is second in the nation amongst defensemen in goals…he has great awareness on the ice. He knows what to do all the time. As good as he is defensively, he can become an extra forward, making things happen anywhere on the ice.

Most Underrated Player: Sean O’Malley. This guy gets almost no press but here he is leading the team in scoring with 11 points. To most fans, assists may not be sexy (and really haven’t been since Gretzky) but they lead to goals and are the result of awareness and hard work. He probably doesn’t catch the fans’ eyes because you don’t see him mixing it up with the other teams, but he does all the silent, unappreciated things that keep the puck moving.

Tough Guy Award: Gershon. His 13 penalties are 6 more than the next guy and his 37 penalty minutes lead the team. That comes with the territory of knocking people on their behinds and protecting your goal.

Most Entertaining Player: Sheridan. Glove saves. Pad saves. Sprawling Hasek saves. Need I say more?

Best Freshman: James Cody (who’s second as Most Entertaining). He's fun to watch. He’s a hustler and when he hits (whether with body or stick) you know it. He’s flattened a lot of people this year and I still hold to my prediction that he’ll be a 12(+) goal scorer in future seasons. I look forward to 4 years of this guy.

Best Sophomore: Justin Noble. This kid busts his butt minute after minute, whether skating himself to exhaustion or plastering someone against the boards. His numbers belie the impact he has on the psyche of other teams.

Best Junior: Sheridan

Best Senior: Tie: McNab and Gershon (Tim Crowley has picked it up as of late, so watch him next semester)

Hit of the Semester:
Lucas Schott’s check from behind against a Buff State player on December 6. Even though it was illegal, wow, was it ever violent. I’m glad the kid’s alive.

Goal of the Semester: James Cody’s game tying goal against Potsdam. Had he not scored that goal late in the third, the Golden Eagles would have lost at home against a divisional foe….and they’d be in sixth place now.

Save of the Semester: Josh Roarke’s game-saving block of a penalty shot in the closing moments of the Becker game.

Game of the Semester:
The 3-1 victory over Buffalo State. The Golden Eagles totally dominated (and intimidated) one of the highest scoring teams in the nation. And, the fights and hits gave the fans something to admire.