Monday, February 11, 2019

What would it take to host a playoff game?

This shows the standings with one week left to play. Brockport sits in fifth place and is in the playoffs.

What would it take to get a home playoff game (third and fourth place)?

Brockport HAS to win the Friday game against Geneseo, the #2 team in the whole country. That would have them end the season with 18 points. Then, there has to be a little help: Buffalo State currently has 18, Plattsburgh has 17.

If Buffalo State wins Wednesday against Geneseo, they secure third or fourth place. If they lose and Brockport wins Friday and they remain tied with Brockport at 18 points, Brockport wins the tie-breaker after having defeated Buffalo State twice this season.

Then there's the issue of Plattsburgh. They have two conference games left, one against Cortland (which they should win) and another against Oswego (which will be tough).

The biggest thing...Brockport HAS to win Friday to even have a chance of hosting a playoff game. It's going to be tough. Geneseo excels in all facets of the game. They are the toughest opponent all year.