Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Playoffs begin Wednesday

The playoffs begin Wednesday and all hopes are on Brockport making this magical season continue.

They will be traveling to Platsburgh. In two games this year the teams tied 1-1 and then the Cardinals beat Brockport at Brockport 4-1.

The Golden Eagles have to apply pressure against a defensive team that allows a solid 2.44 goals per game and got better as the season went on. Of benefit to Brockport's even-better defense (2.00 goals per game), Plattsburgh's goal output ranks only 57th in all of DIII (2.60 goals per game). They have 3 guys with 7 goals and none more than that. They don't even have a 15-point scorer! Highly unusual for a Bob Emery team.

Jimmy Poreda has been their savior in goal with a .936 save percentage. It will take some gritty lunchbucket goals to beat him -- he'll stop flash every time.

It's going to be a hard-fought, physical game in a tough environment.