Thursday, August 16, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Dave McNab

Dave spent two-and-a-half seasons (2006-2007 through 2008-2009) with Brockport after having started his career at Plattsburgh. He took advantage of his playing time and become captain as a senior. He was the ultimate team captain. Sure, Brockport has had many fine ones, but he took it to another level: If opponents tangled with our goalies he would obliterate (or choke) them, he was in constant professional discussion with the refs, and he inspired the team to become physical like no other. That season saw one of the most physical of all our teams (and likely one of the last due to newer NCAA rules) and the Golden Eagles honestly and truly intimidated opponents. It was old time hockey at its finest. But, don’t let that tough exterior fool you – Dave is a nice guy and a skilled player. In that captaincy he had 26 points and 11 goals courtesy of a wicked slapshot that was expertly played out in power play situations.