Sunday, February 11, 2018

Brockport's playoff chances

With one weekend of SUNYAC regular season play left, Brockport players and fans face a stressful entrance into -- or exclusion from -- the playoffs.

Brockport is currently tied with Fredonia for sixth place in the conference with 11 points. If the season would end today, Brockport would get in because the season split between the two teams saw Brockport score one more goal.

But, the season isn't over.

Brockport has one game left...a tough one against a powerful 16-5-3 Geneseo team (which is ranked second in the SUNYAC) at Geneseo.

Fredonia has two games left...they are hosting Morrisville on both nights next weekend.

Fredonia could beat Morrisville twice as Brockport did last weekend. But, they could also split.

If they split, Brockport HAS to win on Saturday night to get into the playoffs.

It is highly unlikely Fredonia will lose both games, so the split-and-win is the most likely scenario that could help Brockport.

But, suppose the unlikely happens and Fredonia loses both and Brockport loses -- then you have to watch out for Cortland...they are out of the playoffs today with 9 points, but if Brockport and Fredonia gain nothing and Cortland beats one of Plattsburgh and Potsdam, Cortland is in due to the tie-breaker of goal differential from their 7-3 win over Brockport recently.

Yes, it's SUNYAC chaos with one weekend to go.

So, fans: keep fingers crossed and watch the scoreboards, and players: play hard and trust one another to get the job done!