Monday, February 13, 2017

Brockport's seniors

It will be a bittersweet weekend for our seniors. Quite often, Senior Night proves to be the last time that many of our seniors set skate on home ice at Brockport and for many it is their last organized game ever – or one of the last games if Brockport makes the playoffs.

While they are excited by what their post-college lives hold for them, they will no doubt reflect on hockey careers that date back to elementary school. On Senior Night, a lifetime of memories rushes through their heads and hearts, just as it does for their parents. It’s no wonder tears are shed.

This year, we have one of the smallest senior classes in memory – only two Golden Eagles are graduating!

Leaving us will be defenseman Rob Hall. The fun-loving and likable defenseman has scored six goals in his career and he’s due for one (or two) this weekend. Don’t let the lack of scoring tell you the wrong story about the young man – he’s a defenseman’s defenseman, doing all the things that old school lunch-bucket blueliners do. He understands his role well and has been battling some of the best talents and lines in all of DIII over his 4 years here.

Also graduating will be Jake Taylor. The young man came into SUNYAC on fire, scoring 10 goals in his amazing freshman campaign. He scored 6 and 4 in subsequent seasons. This year, he’s been incredible. Finding and creating space at will, he has been absolutely terrorizing goalies since Thanksgiving. He has 13 goals on the season. Don’t be surprised to see him reach the rarefied air of 15 goals this weekend.

These guys are great players and even better men. It’s been a joy to watch them for 4 years and I wish them the best of luck in whatever they may do and wherever they may go after Brockport.