Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016-2017 SCHEDULE

One of the days that Brockport hockey fans look forward to every year is the release of the schedule for the upcoming season. It gives them a chance to mark their calendars, plan their road trips, and get excited about the promise that comes with every season.

2016-2017 is another exceptional slate of games. Once again, the team is following the "max attendance" model; that is, scheduling 1 home game per weekend so as to maximize fan turnout -- sometimes, 2 games per weekend can be tough for fans. Counting the green and white game, there are 9 stand alone home games and there are another 4 games total that occur as Friday/Saturday home affairs.

Here are what I would consider the five "can't miss" home games this year:

Oswego on November 4th: It's the home opener...which is like Christmas morning to hockey fans

Buffalo State on December 2nd: The Bengals and Golden Eagles have shared some bad blood in recent years so this game promises to be chock full of hard hits and chippy play

Hobart on January 17th: Hobart and Brockport games are always competitive and this one falls on a Tuesday. Tuesday night games are always a neat way to break up your workweek.

Geneseo on February 3rd: It's Geneseo...need I say more

Plattsburgh on February 18th: The last game of the regular season...Plattsburgh and Brockport could be jockeying for playoff positioning. It promises to be hard fought