Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I have a letter to the editor in this week's Stylus; done in an effort to get more college students into the stands at Tuttle North Ice Arena. Here it is...

In New York there’s one thing we know for sure: Ice hockey is a part of our culture. Almost Canadian in our ways, we follow the sport more intently (and insanely) than Southerners do their NCAA football or NASCAR. We’re not at a loss for the chance to see or play hockey here in the Empire State. We have 3 NHL teams, 4 AHL teams, and countless organizations at the junior, minor and collegiate level. On top of that, tens of thousands of youth and adults play in leagues across the state. You could say - for players and spectators alike - that hockey is an important part of our lives.

But, being a fan doesn’t come cheaply. Sabres tickets average $50. That’s pretty expensive and a real turn-off to financially-strapped fans. Rochester Americans tickets are a lot cheaper, averaging $15 a pop. Still, when you’re already facing some pretty impressive financial burdens as student, $15 is $15. It’s something you really can’t afford to part ways with, especially if you’d like to see a few games during one of our dull snowbound winters.

So, if you’re craving to watch some hockey on the cheap, you need look no further than right here on campus. When the Golden Eagles hockey team hits Tuttle North Ice Arena students can watch the games for free. Townies and alumni will need to shell out just a few bucks.

And, best of all, it’s some great hockey!

If you like the pros, you’ll love college hockey. It moves at a much faster pace and the hits and goals come in bunches. It’s not like you’re watching a bunch of bums, either, because most of the guys on the team played at some level of amateur or junior hockey in which they honed their skills and played against some of the best hockey players on the planet. You can see that in the amazing saves by Jared Lockhurst, the two-way brilliance of defenseman Chris Luker, and the exciting goals by All-American Chase Nieuwendyk.

These guys always face the very best in the NCAA and always perform admirably. Last year, the Golden Eagles were one of the most competitive (and frightening) teams in Division III, scaring nationally-ranked teams like Plattsburgh, even coming close to beating them in the second round of the playoffs. These guys are always in the game and play it close. Every game is nail-biter! With a style of play like that this might be the year they upset a lot of teams and make some serious noise in the playoffs.

The Golden Eagles begin their 2015-2016 season this Friday, October 30 at 7:00 PM when they host Cortland. The Eagles will go on to play another 10 home games through February. Make sure you get out to a few - if not all - of these games. It’s good, cheap fun and some really exciting old-time hockey.

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By Bob Confer
Class of 1996