Monday, June 10, 2013

2013-2014 SCHEDULE

One of the most exciting days of the offseason is that which sees the release of the upcoming season’s schedule. Today is that day.

The official schedule is out and can be seen in the right hand toolbar of this website.

The season starts off a little later than usual (November 2nd), following the new NCAA standards. But that’s just fine, because it keeps the sport in the winter when it should be played. From a fan’s standpoint it’s much appreciated, because what else is there to do on those long winter nights in Upstate New York? Brockport hockey is the ultimate relief for that.

The season starts off on the road against Utica and the road warriors end up playing 5 of their first 6 games away. As a matter of fact, the Golden Eagles have just 3 home games in the first semester.

Some might see this as a grind, a real test of mettle. It can be both, but I think most players love that because it keeps the team in the friendly confines in the second semester when the games take on special importance. Plus, those first few weeks can define who you are, and there’s no better test than the likes of Nazareth, Hobart, and Plattsburgh in their barns.

The men travel again for Thanksgiving and then see the first semester close out with the WNY affairs in Fredonia and Buffalo State.

The second semester starts with familiarity when WNEC and Utica come to town and some unfamiliarity when Stonehill visits.

Then, Brockport hosts 5 SUNYAC games from January 31st till February 22nd, ending the regular season against Buffalo State, whom Brockport may be battling for a playoff spot.

It’s a really fine schedule. I’ve already marked my calendars.

See ya at Tuttle North in 5 months!