Friday, July 20, 2012


Jay Meloff played a few games with the Golden Eagles last year and is now preparing for the Denver Cutthroat's free agent camp.

His on-ice travels are profiled in a story for SB Nation.

The article notes why he left campus...

Jay decided to try his hand at the college level, choosing to play for Brockport State in New York because of the strong reputation of its hockey program. But policies on financial aid for Canadian athletes changed, and he found himself having to foot an $11,000 tuition bill for each semester. It forced him to make a hard choice: stay and exhaust his entire life savings or move on to another league. He chose to move on.


Finding teams that would take him on a student visa was difficult. It’s an expensive process to change that status, and many organizations simply won’t deal with it. Because of his skill level and dedication, though, teams began expressing interest. Jay chose to skate with the Danbury Whalers for the remainder of the 2011-2012 season as he felt the team would offer him the best chance to bring him closer to his goals of playing in AHL and, after that, the NHL. He finished strong in Danbury, scoring three goals and five assists in 17 games.

Read the entire article online, where you can learn about his history and his hockey plans: