Friday, February 3, 2012


I don't know if I'll make tonight's game, which will be the fourth home game I've missed this season, all in the past month. I didn't miss 4 home games total in the previous 6 seasons.

Here's why it's happening...

Our baby has suddenly developed a really odd sleep cycle that is upsetting the household.

I can survive admirably under sleep deprivation. I always have. The Wife on the other hand can't.

So, I have some questions for hockey parents and older fans...

For her first 4 months Alexandria slept well and would sleep right through the night every night. It was awesome. Now, in her 5th month, she'll cry/fuss for hours at a time overnight, sometimes starting at midnight, other times around 1:30. It may be because she hates sleep and wants to participate in life and be active...she has never napped more than 1 hour total during the daytime hours. She gets fed during these periods to comfort her, often to no avail.

Have any of you ever encountered such a sudden change in sleep patterns? If so, what could account for it and how did you get your child back into a normal sleep cycle?

We're first time parents and we'd appreciate any tips that you could provide. My email address is