Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The gentlemen at reported the following last week...

Utica has taken the next step in the application process for its men’s team to join the SUNYAC during that league’s spring meetings.

Administrators from the school last week made a presentation to the SUNYAC committee.

After review, the league decided to proceed with a site visit to the college, scheduled to occur this fall.

The Pioneers play in the ECAC West, but last year applied for admission to the SUNYAC after that league changed its charter to allow non-State University of New York schools.

This interesting development will make the already-tough SUNYAC even tougher. Utica is typically a solid-performing team and it has some of the best fans in all of DIII, consistently putting thousands of them in the stands for every game.

I'm somewhat excited by the possible addition, even though it will make Brockport's entry into the playoffs even more difficult. The strength of the SUNYAC and the quality of talent every team puts on the ice makes a hockey product that is arguably some of the best this side of the NHL. Every SUNYAC game is well-played, intense, and highly-entertaining. Utica will only add to that mystique.

In other news, College Hockey News announced the following on its Twitter today (more to follow):

A Rochester,NY-area school will add a D-III hockey program ... it will be announced Friday