Friday, April 29, 2011


Russell Jaslow, the SUNYAC columnist for, has emailed to me a clarification regarding the earlier post about Potsdam's playoff eligibility...

I believe Potsdam WILL be eligible for the postseason next year, the way I am reading the NCAA report.

As long as there is not a single player on the team from day one of next season who is receiving any of those financial aid packages they got in trouble for, then the team can compete in the postseason.

It's the same reason Buffalo State and Geneseo were able to compete in the playoffs this year, even though they are still under probation. Their problem last year was they got caught during the middle of the season, and thus could not correct the problem for that season.

Potsdam has the opportunity to correct the problem since they in the offseason now. They got lucky with the timing of the findings. However, their lacrosse teams will not be able to correct the problem in time, and thus they will suffer a postseason ban for this year.