Sunday, February 6, 2011


Last night was Senior Night, the last game of the home season when the graduating class is recognized by the College for their contributions to the team.

I'd like to share my thanks with them as well.

You are a great group of young men who have given me, the campus and the community many, many great hockey memories, including what was the best two-season stretch in program history. As someone who's been around for 18 seasons and will be for many more, I will always cherish those 2 seasons...they were something special and magical.

You have introduced excitement into the program and brought countless new fans -- young and old -- to the games. It's a new fan base that should be here for quite some time.

You have always impressed me with your drive to play the game hard and fairly, the way it is supposed to be played. If that character is any reflection about how you approach your studies and work you will do quite well in your life after graduation.

"Thank you" to...

Justin Noble
Ray Tremblay
Tom Galiani
Chris Berardini
Nick Sampson
Jeremy Rossignolo