Friday, February 4, 2011


We all might be a little mad at Morrisville right now, but remember that hockey is a brotherhood. It's the rare sport where you can beat the tar out of someone in the arena, but outside of it call one another friends and work for common causes.

Among those causes is Saves For a Cure.

Morrisville has shown class in supporting the organization and is hosting their own Saves For a Cure game tomorrow, complete with a jersey auction. Here's the auction page:

Here's a blurb from this week's SUNYAC report at

It’s the third installment of Todd Sheridan’s Saves for a Cure tour. Like Oswego and Brockport, Morrisville will be wearing special uniforms to be auctioned off.

“Todd Sheridan has done a great job with his Saves for a Cure,” Grady said. “He and [our goaltender] Caylin Relkoff are very good friends. He brought the idea to Caylin over the summer, and I said sure. He was looking to expand his efforts. We’re happy to be involved with it, and glad we can help out.”

Here's a hearty "thank you" to the Mustangs!