Friday, January 28, 2011


In part of this week's SUNYAC column for USCHO, Russel Jaslow discusses some players under the radar, among them, Mr. Cody...

Oftentimes, top players on teams that aren’t at the top of the standings get overlooked. When they are doing well, they are sometimes dismissed as being the only go-to guy on the squad, so naturally their stats will be “inflated.”

This would be a misnomer when it comes to Brockport’s James Cody and Fredonia’s Jordan Oye and Bryan Ross. They would be accomplished players with any team in the league.

“He’s obviously a dominant player at our level,” Brockport coach Brian Dickinson said of his junior winger. “I hope he gets recognition this year. He’s kind of been flying under the radar for the last two years within our league. He’s a guy we have that we know when we put him on the ice, we could get offense.”

Cody has seven goals in conference play, tied for second. Overall amongst SUNYAC players, he is tied for first with 15 goals along with 14 assists. This past Friday, he scored three different ways against Potsdam — a short-handed breakaway, an in-close hard-working play, and a shot from an impossible angle.

“I don’t how it went in, but goal scorers find a way to get it done,” Dickinson said. “He’s having another fantastic year. He’s starting to find his groove with a lot of goals here in the last couple of games. We give him a lot of ice time because he deserves it. Everything he gets, he gets because he earns it.”

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