Friday, December 17, 2010


Brockport fans and players are in shock over how the first semester played out. Brockport is 1-11-1, just one loss short of last year’s total for the whole season. It’s a huge drop for a team that was 14-12-1 last year and one I thought would see similar success in ’10-’11.

What accounts for this?

Let’s see what the numbers tell us…

You can best judge a team on how it performs on special teams, the finer points of the game. If they can kill penalties and take advantage of their opponents’ penalties, then you know they’re going to rack up the wins.

Last year, Brockport was 12th in the nation on the power play with a robust 23% success rate. This year, they’ve fallen to 54th, scoring on 15.4% of their chances. Were they to be just as effective as they were last season, they would have scored 5 more goals.

The Golden Eagles also excelled on the penalty kill in 2009-2010, ranking 13th in the nation, keeping pucks out of the net during shorthanded situations 85.5% of the time. This year, they rank second-to-last in the nation in this category with a 67.9% kill rate. Were the PK just as good as it was last season, opponents would have allowed 10 fewer goals.

Last year’s goaltending squad stopped .909% of the shots they faced. This year’s duo has stopped .879% of them. At last year’s rate, 16 fewer goals would have been allowed this season.

Defensively, the team has allowed 5 goals a game, good for 67th in the nation. Last year, the Golden Eagles were 33rd in DIII with only 3.11 goals allowed per game. That’s 25 more goals allowed this season than would have been with last year’s success rate.

From a scoring standpoint, Brockport has found the net on fewer occasions this year. They are averaging 2.38 goals per game, compared to 3.04 last year. That’s 9 less goals in this first semester of play.

On a positive note, Brockport continues to remain one of the well-behaved teams of DIII. They are 64th in the nation with only 11.6 minutes per game, 3.2 minutes better than last year.

The Golden Eagles have recently showed some signs of turning around their game and their season. Let’s hope that trend continues. It should with the continued development of the freshmen and the return from injury of key guys like Ray Tremblay, Tyler Davis, and Ian Chapman.

I’m looking forward to the second semester and a reinvigorated Golden Eagles team that has the tools and the attitude to overcome their first semester woes. They have a major turnaround in their sights…and, yes, the playoffs, too. The SUNYAC is a mess with so many teams in contention that Brockport is not out of the race. They can make things really interesting in January and February. It's going to be an exciting time to be a Brockport hockey fan.

Enjoy the holiday break! May your Christmas and New Years be good ones!