Sunday, November 14, 2010


The Golden Eagles are now 0-6 overall and 0-5 in the SUNYAC.

That's a shocking record to me, anyone who follows the team and, most importantly, the team itself.

Not to sound like the eternal optimist (I'd prefer "realist"), but, it's not the end of the world. The season is not over yet.

How so?

This is the 18th season that I've been watching the team and if anyone can come back and make a go of it, it's this team. The core of leadership that led the team on ice, in the locker room, and in the classroom for the last 2 playoff years is still there. They know what it takes to overcome adversity. They know what it takes to put numbers in the win column. They know how to get the most out of themselves and their teammates.

Their teammates are a talented lot. The returning players are a solid bunch who are full of energy, skill, drive and determination. The newest additions to the team? Well, I still believe that this is Brockport's best recruiting class ever, one that will payoff with unbelievable sucess in the next few seasons.

So, don't let the numbers (the losses, shots on goal, lack of goals) scare you. The Golden Eagles certainly possess the personnel to turn it around. The record-setting defensemen are still here. The blue-collar physical, smashmouth mentality has been a little dormant this season but once unleashed, look out! And, the goals....they will come. The team is too talented to not score.

This coming Friday's match-up will be the defining moment for this season. If the Golden Eagles can show us the Golden Eagles of the past 2 years, they will stifle the highly-touted Geneseo. From there, they need to win all non-Oswego, non-Plattsburgh conference games but one over the rest of the season to make waves and get a spot in the SUNYAC playoffs in the second semester. This team reminds me of the 2007-2008 squad that just missed a playoff spot. This one, though, can just earn a playoff spot. That was a nailbiter of a second semester back then. This one will be no different.

So, fans...don't give up on the team. They need your support. They play an exciting brand of hockey that you'll want to see.

And, players...don't throw in the towel. Get out there and kick some butt. Show the SUNYAC who is the toughest, most ornery team in the them that Brockport is playoff-bound.