Saturday, October 23, 2010


The Golden Eagle Society is a donor organization that helps to fund Brockport Athletics. This week, the college introduced a revamped GES under the direction of the new athletics director, Noah LeFevre.

The new system features 7 levels of giving which, depending on how much you invest, includes everything from two tickets to sporting events to admission in the Athletics golf tournament.

For years, hockey parents and non-student fans have used the GES to get a pass that admits 2 to every game. At $25/year it was a steal since each game normally costs $4/attendee. Now, the minimum level of giving to get the tickets is $75.

But, that's still a steal to the money-conscious: There are 12 home games and if a couple went to each game that's $, you can still get into any other sporting event (basketball, football, etc).

What I like about the new GES set-up is that it features something that it hasn't in years: You can now choose which sport receives your monetary donation. Needless to say, I chose ice hockey.

For anyone interested in signing up, you can download an application here (in PDF format):