Wednesday, June 30, 2010


You can't help but admire Division III sports where the student-athletes really are students first and foremost. The Golden Eagles hockey team exemplifies this approach to education and had performances in the classroom just as good as their performance on the ice.

The team's GPA for the spring semester was 3.03 and the men had a 2.97 overall GPA for the academic year.

The following hockey players made the College at Brockport's Athletic Department Honor Roll:

Berardini, Christopher 3.86
Cody, James 3.08
Davis, Tyler 3.00
Finnerty, Ian 3.54
Galiani, Daniel 3.00
Hayward, Michael3.92
Jendra, Brett 3.75
Korol, Adam 3.52
Noble, Justin 3.28
O'Malley, Sean 3.46
Rossignolo, Jeremy 3.00
Sampson, Nicholas 3.81
Sheridan, Todd 3.31
Shoff, Adam 3.19
Spooner, Colby 3.19
Wren, Oliver 3.00

The following appeared on the Dean's List:

Berardini, Christopher 3.86
Finnerty, Ian 3.54
Hayward, Michael 3.92
Jendra, Brett 3.75
Korol, Adam 3.52
O'Malley, Sean 3.46
Sampson, Nicholas 3.81

The following appeared on the SUNYAC All-Academic List based on 3.30 GPA or greater for Spring 2010:

Berardini, Christopher, 3.86
Cody, James, 3.08
Hayward, Michael, 3.92
Jendra, Brett, 3.75
Korol, Adam, 3.52
Sampson, Nicholas, 3.81

The following appeared on the SUNYAC Commissioners List (Based on a cumulative 3.30 overall GPA for 3 semesters)

Berardini, Christopher, 3.82
Cody, James, 3.33
Hayward, Michael, 3.64
Jendra, Brett, 3.78
Korol, Adam, 3.36
Sampson, Nicholas, 3.89