Monday, March 1, 2010


As you may know, this is Brockport Athletics Director Lin Case's last semester at the College. She is retiring from her position of AD, a job held since 1995. The College finally began its hunt in earnest in February and job postings can be found all over the Internet including the NCAA's website:

I was hopeful that the search for an AD would have started sooner, that way the individual could have started this semester while both school and athletics were in session so he/she could have learned from Lin, met with the various student-athletes, saw them in action and interacted with them in determination of a long-term plan, rather than being thrown to the wolves in the fall semester.

I hope all goes well in finding a replacement for Lin. She has had an awesome run as AD and the sports teams have flourished under her watch with each team seeing incredible success and winning track records. At the same time, the student-athletes have proven to be fantastic students. All in all, it's an exceptional DIII college.