Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Brockport is an interesting college in that its strong academics have helped many a Golden Eagle hockey player to a life in hockey – though not necessarily on the ice - after graduation. Numerous Brockport alumni have gone on to key roles at all levels of hockey, assuming duties behind the bench, in front offices, and in locker rooms. Among them is Dave Zeis, well known in NHL circles as the head athletic trainer for the Dallas Stars.

Dave, who was a defenseman, graduated from Brockport in 1992 after transferring to the College in 1990 from Erie County Community College.

For this installment of “Where Are They Now?” we catch up with the man who once wore the number 4…

BOB: What have you been up to since graduating from Brockport?

DAVE: I finished Brockport in 1992 and have been pursuing a career in Athletic Training ever since. I worked in minor hockey for 8 years when I got the chance to work with the Dallas Stars as an assistant ATC in 2007. I took over as Head ATC half way through that season and have been here since.

BOB: What do your day-to-day duties entail for the Dallas Stars?

I am the Head Athletic Trainer. I am responsible for all of our players and staff medical needs. I also have an assistant and a LMT. We work very long days during the season, averaging 80 hours/week.

BOB: What are some of the most amusing stories that you can share with us about your experiences with NHL players?

The day to day banter is great. It is mostly the one liners and practical jokes that are most entertaining. One time our players took a rookie’s beat-up Oldsmobile car and said it was struck by a car while at the airport. They said the airport was going to repair it. A week later, the captains drove it onto the ice at our practice rink and it was all pimped out. They spent $15,000 on all the work, including rims, paint, stereo, etc.

BOB: How did Brockport – from both an academic and athletic standpoint – prepare you for your various responsibilities with the Stars?

I think athletics are huge in preparing you socially and physically. Playing college hockey has given me confidence and understanding of what these guys go through. It also helps me gain the respect of the players. Academically, Brockport has given me the tools to get nationally certified and have the ability to practice.

BOB: What are some of your greatest memories on the ice at Brockport?

I really enjoyed my teammates. I enjoyed traveling as a team and competing towards a goal. Unfortunately, I injured my knee and missed a lot of games my second season. I also have just as many great memories of off-ice activities with my old teammates.

BOB: Do you ever suit up during practice and show the Stars that you still have it?

They "have" way more than I ever did. We do have a Christmas function where we get to play a little shinny. They always comment on how they didn't know that I could play the game.