Saturday, February 13, 2010


Cassie Negley is a sports writer for the Brockport Stylus and she writes a blog called "Negley's Nook at

Her most recent blog post comments on the joy of the fan experience...and what it means at Tuttle North. Here's what she wrote:

There is little to nothing that I don’t love about sports.

There is action, suspense, misery, and bliss. One day could be the best day in the entire world, and the next day you end up in the dumps.

Two seconds can change a game. Hey, one second can change a game.

And nothing is permanent. Being in the basement one year can turn into a ring the next.

More than any of this, though, is the excitement that comes with cheering on your favorite team. Or, better yet, cheering on your home team. I spend hours yelling at the TV. My room at home is in the basement, and my parents can still hear me at times.

A year ago I was dating a guy whose dad could have gotten us tickets to a Jets-Dolphins game in the Meadowlands. He was cautious to say the least about taking me. A very loud, in-your-face, say-whatever-she-wants Dolphins fan in the Jets section? I don’t think so. His brother agreed it might be a bad idea.

So easily one of the best parts of being a college student is sitting in the college section. Students run the game. The yelling, the cheers, the utter highs and the utter lows. All are prevalent in the student section.

Tonight, Brockport’s Golden Eagles took on the Geneseo Knight obrockport hockeyn the ice. It was a big game. Geneseo brought their pep band…so you know Brockport had to bring it. The house was packed, there was no one in the stands who wasn’t wearing a green t-shirt. And not one student was watching the game from his/her seat.

I yelled as loud as I could. I screamed cheers. I kept up the noise whenever it got quiet. The whole student section stepped it up tonight. We blew that pep band out of the arena—just the way it should be.

Another great thing about the student section? Nothing is off limits. They may call it unsportsmanlike, but in reality it is good clean fandom. Support for your school is everything.

It’s a good thing I am a writer and not a broadcaster. My voice is completely gone. I wouldn’t want it any other way, though. Tonight was exactly what sports are about. I loved every single second of it.

If you were curious, we lost 2-1. Still loved every second of it….