Saturday, January 30, 2010


With the shake-up of the SUNYAC that has come about because of the indiscretions of Geneseo and Buffalo State, Brockport is guaranteed a playoff appearance this season because the SUNYAC playoffs feature the top 6 teams and only 6 remain eligible out of 9 total teams in the conference (Geneseo and Buffalo State have been suspended from post-season play this year and Morrisville is ineligible based on their “recent” move to the conference).

But that doesn’t mean that the Golden Eagles can rest. There’s still the fight for the fourth seed - and therefore a coveted HOME playoff game – to contend for. Fredonia is in third place with 14 points. With that hot offense, it’s guaranteed they will not give up that slot.

The Golden Eagles are currently in 4th place with 10 points while being trailed by Cortland (8 points) and Potsdam (7 points). The remaining games are against Buffalo State, Fredonia, Geneseo, Oswego and Cortland and, theoretically, I see the Golden Eagles getting 6 points out of those games (losing to Oswego and Fredonia) which would give them 16. I also see Potsdam getting 6 points this month, pushing them to 13. Cortland’s schedule has me predicting a 4 point finish which would give them 12 points. In that perfect world, Brockport hosts a playoff game on the 23rd.

But…this is hockey. Any team can get hot. Any team can get cold. If Brockport unexpectedly drops a game against say Buff State or, worse yet based on the impact to standings, Cortland, (and then Cortland finds a way to beat Geneseo…which can happen) the balance of power changes and Cortland -- or Potsdam -- could host the playoff game.

Brockport needs only to do what they do every game: Play hard and play motivated.

Remember, prior to the start of the season the SUNYAC coaches predicted the Golden Eagles would end the season in seventh place. It’s time to prove them wrong.