Sunday, April 26, 2009


The website "RocLoop" recently ran a story about Scholar's Day. Here's a snippet from that posting, noting the work of one of the Golden Eagles...

Every April, classes are canceled campus-wide in honor of Scholars Day at the State College at Brockport. On this day, students are given the chance to present their academic research to their peers. Wednesday, April 15 marked the 26th year this event has taken place.

There were 227 presentations made by 355 students and 54 faculty and staff on a range of topics that varied by department.

(Presenters), like senior business finance major Aaron Boyer, took advantage of the opportunity to present on topics on which they have genuine interest. Boyer, who plays right-wing for the Golden Eagles hockey team, gave a presentation entitled, “ABC’s of the NHL’s CBA” which examined the business-related causes and effects of the NHL lockdown during the 2005 season.

To read more about Scholars Day, you can read the article here: