Saturday, February 21, 2009


To the passing observer, it would seem fit that Brockport take it easy tonight now that it's known they have a home playoff game on Tuesday.

This it not so.

The team needs to think ahead to the second round of the SUNYACs.

If Brockport wins tonight, they take control of third place in the SUNYAC, meaning that if they win on Tuesday, they'll play Oswego on Saturday.

If they lose tonight and Geneseo beats Fredonia, then Geneseo claims third place and Brockport, if they win on Tuesday, will end up playing Plattsburgh on Saturday.

Anyone will tell you that if Brockport looks to extend their season they'd be better off playing Oswego in the second stage of the playoffs, not Plattsburgh, a team that is a force to reckon with, and deservedly #1 in the nation. The Golden Eagles must delay playing them as long as possible.