Monday, February 9, 2009


Tony Marinello played in 77 games for Brockport from 2004-2005 through 2007-2008. In his hockey career on campus he amassed 5 goals and 13 assists.

He's taken the aggressive hustle that he developed on the ice rink and has put it to use in the boxing ring as this article from the Saratogian reports....

SARATOGA SPRINGS - As the night grew older, the fighters got bigger, the bloodstains on the boxing ring’s mat became more plentiful and the crowd got a whole lot rowdier.

It was another memorable night of boxing at the Holiday Inn on Broadway, as the 5th Annual Eastern New York Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions showcased some of the best amateur talent in the state Friday night.Fighting out of a number of different gyms from across the area, locals brawled for a sell-out crowd, proving that the sport of boxing is alive and well.

Catholic High School physical education teacher Shawn Miller kept his perfect record in tact, defeating Akeem Mouzon in a their 178-pound contest to improve to 21-0. Unavailable for comment after the bout, Miller, who boxes out of New York Boxing in Cohoes, illustrated his power throughout the bout with a number of devastating left hooks. NYB is owned and operated by Miller and his older brother, professional boxer Shannon Miller.

Clifton Park’s Tony Marinello also had a convincing victory in the 178-pound weight class, dominating NYB’s Matthew Liddick throughout a bloody three-round battle.

"I felt like I had a good chance against him," Marinello said. "I don’t think there is anyone around that is in the type of shape I’m in."

Currently enlisted in the Army Reserves Officer Training Corps through the University of Albany, Marinello, who is pursuing a Master’s degree, came into the fight prepared and focused, and he showed that inside the ring, wrapping up his second bout without a loss.

"Every single day I’m up either boxing or doing Army PT and boxing - so it’s like six hours a day, six days a week I’m either running miles or punching people in the face ... or getting punched in the face."

Marinello will advance to next weekend’s follow-up round of the Golden Gloves tournament at Turning Stone Casino in Western New York.