Monday, February 2, 2009


The Golden Eagles are now an impressive 11-5-3.

How has Brockport made it's amazing ascension from the 55th best hockey team in the nation in 2007-2008 to its current position as the 18th best?

A look at the numbers show how...

Looking at one of Brockport's recurring weaknesses, the power play, the team is only slightly better than last year. In 07-08 the Golden Eagles ranked 55th. This year, they are 51st.

But, in terms of penalty killing, the team has made a huge leap, going from 48th to 22nd. That's quite noticeable when watching games: No longer do I see Brockport's goaltenders hung out to dry as they have been in recent years.

On to the most significant numbers....

Last year the team scored 3.40 goals a game and allowed 3.32, good for a .08 differential. That numbers is far too small for comfort and accounts for the team losing so many close games last year.

This season is quite different. The team has scored at a higher rate (3.58 goals) and has allowed far fewer goals (2.89 goals per game). That accounts for a positive differential of .69 goals per game. That's a very good number. It's not as good as Adrian's differential (6.33 goals scored vs. 1.71 goals allowed per game), but it's more than good enough to win a lot of games.