Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Brockport and Geneseo hate each other. And, I mean they REALLY hate each other.

Their rivalry is among the greatest in DIII hockey. Thanks to their proximity to one another (only 45 minutes apart by road) it comes down to an issue of Rochester-area bragging rights. One team wants to dominate the other and lay claim to being the better of the SUNYAC teams in the region.

Their fans always join-in on this battle, the visiting team always having a faithful fan base at their matchups, ruining the sanctity of the home ice advantage. Back in the day, Geneseo used to have a traveling bunch of fat students who would rip their shirts off following a Geneseo goal. Nowadays, they have a boisterous bunch who know how to get under the skin of the opponents and their fans. Geneseo always takes it one step further by bringing their incredibly bothersome (yet gifted) pep band to Brockport, adding a soundtrack to all of Geneseo’s little victories within the game.

This rivalry is going to another level this Friday. It’s the game of the year, without a doubt. This will probably be one of the most competitive games you’ll ever see, both teams out for blood and the win. It will be a battle for third place in the SUNYAC. Currently, Geneseo sits in third with 11 points, while Brockport is in fourth place with 10.

It’s a close match-up. Geneseo is 10-7-1 while Brockport is 10-5-3.

Geneseo’s greatest strength is their ability to score goals. They have six guys with 5 or more goals, led by forwards Brown (8), Redlick (7), and Galan (7). They have 9 players with 10 or more points, led by Panetta (17). They can focus on offense like that – and let their defenses down - with goaltenders like Pasemko and Corey Gershon (Mike’s brother) in net. They sport .901 and .916 save percentages respectively. But, they cannot save everything, hence their 2.80 and 2.69 GAAs

But, don’t be misled by their impressive scoring stats…they are nowhere near as balanced as Brockport. The Golden Eagles have only 4 players with 5 or more goals and 8 guys with 10 points, but they are in the top 30 in DIII with 3.50 goals a game compared to 3.17 for Geneseo. Brockport plays with a total-team effort and everyone has a chance to contribute…and that’s why the team has had so many different heroes this season. With Geneseo, if you stifle their top line, the team is toast. And, Brockport’s defensive ways are up for that task.

When last they played in November, Brockport beat the Ice Knights 7-2 in Geneseo. Do I envision another blowout like that? No. But I do see Brockport winning in style and taking over third place in the SUNYAC.

The doors open at 6:30 Friday for this 7:00 match-up. The first 500 students through the door get a free t-shirt. If you can’t make the game – you had better be there! – it will not be carried on WBSU.

I’m looking forward to this game. See you at the arena!!